How do I earn loyalty credit

Loyalty credit can be earned on eligible products on the Manuka Doctor website when you complete an order.

To earn loyalty credit when shopping you will need to create a Manuka Doctor account or, if you have an account, ensure that you are logged in when making your order.

You must be logged in when shopping in order to earn credit.

Credit may not be offered if a product is discounted as part of a promotion.

Credit will be calculated for your order and will become available to spend 3 days after your order has been made.

How do I spend my loyalty credit

To spend your credit you must be logged into your account on the Manuka Doctor website when you are shopping. You can view how much available loyalty credit you have in your My Account section of the website.

When you have chosen your products and ready to complete your order you will be able to apply your loyalty credit to your order at the checkout.

Once you have applied your credit you can continue with the checkout process.

Loyalty credit can only be spent on our skincare products.

If you try and use Loyalty Credit on an order that contains Manuka Honey your Loyalty Credit may be temporarily unavailable but will be automatically available in your account again after a few hours.

Earning extra loyalty credit

Earn extra credit by referring friends and family members. Log into your account and use the referral link to start recommending Manuka Doctor. 

Credit that has been earned via the referral programme will become available to spend 3 days after the order has been made.

Loyalty Scheme Terms & Conditions

Page updated: 9th April 2019.

  • Manuka Doctor can cancel, withdraw or alter the scheme, including these Terms and Conditions, or any individual Loyalty Credit Account, at any time.
  • Credit is only valid at
  • Credit earned is made available once your order has been shipped.
  • Credit that has been earned on can only be used on purchases of our skincare items.
  • Manuka Doctor can take any action it considers appropriate if we have reason to believe that you are abusing the scheme or offers.
  • Use of additional offers and benefits associated with your Loyalty Credit Account are subject to availability.
  • You cannot spend loyalty credit and use a discount code in the same transaction
  • Manuka Doctor will remove Credit from Loyalty Credit Accounts that have not been used for 3 years.
  • These terms and conditions are in addition to Manuka Doctor Terms and Conditions.
  • Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information on the collection and use of personal data.
  • As a statement these Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
  • Some of the Loyalty Programme functionality displays rewards as points, in these instances 100 points is equivalent to $1 loyalty credit.
  • A minimum value of $1.00 loyalty credit can be spent. Loyalty balances of less than $1.00 will not be available to be spent.