MGO Manuka Honey

100% Genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey. Independently tested to show it meets the New Zealand Government's definition of Manuka honey. MGO stands for methylglyoxal and it is the chemical compound, naturally formed in Manuka honey that causes many of the beneficial wellbeeing® effects. The research data confirms that Manuka honey's antibacterial activity, in comparison to non-Manuka honey, is due to a higher phenolic and MGO content.

Multifloral Manuka Honey 500g
Mānuka honey
Multifloral Manuka Honey 500g



Choosing Manuka Honey

What is Manuka Honey?

New Zealand Manuka Honey is produced by bees collecting nectar from mainly the Manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium). The plant is indigenous to New Zealand. Beekeepers set up hives in wild uncultivated areas in which Manuka bushes grow.

The aroma of Manuka Honey has been described as earthy and aromatic, whilst the taste is sweet, with notes that can be described as slightly bitter, tangy or herbaceous.

Manuka Doctor Honey is 100% pure New Zealand honey and is not blended with honey from other countries. The pollution free non-GMO New Zealand environment ensures that every jar is honey as nature intended.

Unique to New Zealand

We design our product range to fit our philosophy – unique and natural as nature intended. At Manuka Doctor we believe wellbeing is best achieved naturally.

Making the most of what nature gives us, working with it to keep it as it should be. With a wealth of New Zealand origin plant species to draw on, Manuka Doctor puts nature first. Due to its geographical isolation and island biogeography, New Zealand developed a distinctive biodiversity of plant life.

Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is one the indigenous plants of New Zealand. It is this 'New Zealand-ness' of Manuka honey that forms part of its distinctiveness. 100% Made in New Zealand.

Our History

With a long history in beekeeping, Manuka Doctor’s honey products are as unique and natural as the land they come from. A testament to our philosophy - nature’s best from New Zealand.

Manuka Doctor focuses on providing customers with the opportunity to enjoy a premium natural product from a brand that’s trusted. Our beekeepers place thousands of beehives all over New Zealand to collect high quality Manuka honey, bringing the raw honey into our purpose-built factory to pack consumer ready pots.

Manuka Doctor operates a privately owned and fully integrated model - from hive to home. From the land, beehives and beekeepers, to the extraction and packing facilities through to exporting, Manuka Doctor owns and manages every step of the process. Thus ensuring the integrity of our New Zealand Manuka Honey.

True to Label

TRACEABILITY: Every batch can be traced back to the original specific beehives. Guaranteed and independently audited.

100% PURE NEW ZEALAND HONEY: Every batch origin is independently certified and authenticated from New Zealand.

INDEPENDENT LAB TESTED: Every batch of honey is independently laboratory tested in New Zealand by Analytica or Hills Laboratory to ensure the customer is getting premium Manuka honey with guaranteed ratings.

Quality Management

Manuka Doctor  operates under extensive quality management programmes including a Risk Management Programme (RMP). All of our honey is packed and exported under a registered Risk Management Programme with the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).

Since 1st July 2006 all manufacturers who store, process or pack bee products for export must have a registered RMP to be eligible for export certification.

A RMP is designed to identify, control, manage, eliminate or minimise hazards to ensure the product is fit for its intended use. A registered RMP is a legal document, binding on the business it relates to.

RMP implementation is verified at regular intervals by independent verifiers.


We at Manuka Doctor have been doing this a long time but the real honey experts are our bees. We simply make sure our products find you the way nature intended.

We currently employ over 20 beekeepers across the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

These beekeepers look after thousands of hives, keeping our bee’s happy and healthy. They work to ensure we only source premium quality honey from the healthiest hives.

50 million+ bees

20+ beekeepers

10,000+ hives

11,000 acres of land


Manuka Doctor’s production facility has had substantial investment to create one of the most technological advanced and efficient honey packing facilities in Australasia. With over 20,000 square feet of production and warehouse facility continual supply is assured.  

• Employing over 50 staff

• State of the art production facility

• Set on 5.7 hectares, located opposite Hamilton airport

• Capacity to pack 60 tonnes per week

• Ability to pack PET, sachets and speciality line

• Storage of a minimum of 200 tonne of Manuka honey

• Specialist in innovative honey product development with a R&D unit dedicated to Apitherapy

• Bulk Storage over 40,000sq foot, plus storage for over 1500 pallets

• 2 honey labelling lines

• 2 added value hand pack lines

• 3 RMP licenced extraction facilities in Northland, National Park and Alexandra