Bee Awareness Month

We have partnered with Palmers garden centre to celebrate the honey bee and promote the importance of bees in our ecosphere. To do so, we have created an exclusive, never before released 300g Squeezable Beech Forest Honey. We will donate 25c of each unit sold to the Garden to Table charitable trust.


Squeezable Beech Forest Honey 300g
Squeezy Honey
Squeezable Beech Forest Honey 300g

25c from each unit sold donated to the Garden To Table Charity


Celebrating the honey bee

Did you know?

Fact #1

There are three types of bees in a colony: the queen, the workers, and the drones.

Fact #2

The brain of a bee is the size of a sesame seed.


We’re excited to Celebrate our Little Heroes for Bee Aware Month

We, at Manuka Doctor, appreciate our little friends and what they mean to our entire world, so are very proud to be able to promote their importance this month. In order raise awareness for the bees, we have teamed up with Palmers Garden Centre, who also share our appreciation of bees.

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Manuka Doctor donates honey to Kiwi communities in need

As New Zealand’s largest privately owned honey manufacturer, we are donating 50 tonnes of specially produced Wild Flora Honey to families in need, via national food rescue service KiwiHarvest.

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Read more about our #beeingkind work.

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